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bosses are faring. up 6.1%. the ftse in terms of percentage had its biggest gain. using 4600 as a flaw. the dax being the outperformer up 0.8%. cable trading 1.67.. >>> let's move on and look at some of the asian stories with chloe. good morning do you have. >> good morning, steve. approximate we had a strong session for a monday. a lot of optimism that the growth picture in asia is very much on the way, bolstered by the pmi numbers out of china. a lot of green, as you can see, with an exception of the nikkei. a tad lower, but hanging above that 10,000 level. the south korean kospi pulling ahead by half a percent, setting the tone for the rest of asia for the month of july. look at the numbers, actually down for the month, 20%. still better than expected. over in the greater china market, more news. the hang seng up by 1.1%. investors getting a lot of conviction over those pmi numbers. the bombay sansex also higher by half a percent. it will be about the job numbers we get out of the u.s. later this week. >>> nymex light sweet crude processed $70 per barrel. gaining ground by more than
. if you make less than $250,000 a year, you won't have to pay more taxes. that's what he said. he told us that. he told joe the plumber that. he told just about everybody who would hear that, that. that was before the bank bailouts, mind you, before the nearly $800 billion stimulus bill, before the federal deficit topped $1 trillion. all right. are you ready for this? i want you to listen closely now to treasury secretary tim geithner this weekend, in case you missed it. he's talking specifically now about this issue. >> we will not get this economy back on track, recovery will be not strong and sustained unless we can convince the american people that we are going to have the will to bring these deficits down once recovery is firmly established. >> here's what else he said, which is interesting. remember, you got to be careful how you listen to the words. he said when it comes to taxes, the president won't do anything that adds unfairly, anything that adds unfairly to the middle class. key word, unfairly. almost like there's some distance between this and that. now, listen to this bit of
thousand jobs lost that are needed to stimulate the u.s. economy. bret: the administration is leaning hard on the senate to put more money into the cash for clunkers program. it warned today that if the senate fails to act, the popular incentive will run out of gas within days. white house correspondent wendell goler has the story. >> as ford announced its first monthly sales increase since the start of the recession, the cash for clunkers program, credited with helping the boost, was running on fumes and auto dealers were on the warpath. >> i think dealers are very angry. it should be obvious to a lot of money, there have been a lot of issues with the current administration. >> the white house says without senate approval of a house bill adding $2 billion in clunker funding, it can only guarantee rebates for a few more days. >> if it doesn't happen this week, it's unlikely that we will make it to the weekend with a program that can continue. >> republicans argued misreading the initial popularity in the clunkers' program means extending it might cost more than lawmakers expect. >> when th
arrested in iran. li the swiss diomplstdis d atpeepp to help since the u.s. doesn't itveelh wnsirh an. . they were accused of crossing the border from iraq. they were hikers and one of the missing hikers is identified as a man from pennsylvania. >>> it's a mystery for more than 18 years and finally, closier for a family. >> the pentagon identified the remains of a missing pilot. he was shot down and here's more. >> reporter: navy pilot was shot down in 1991 durg the first night of the gulf war. now, some 18 years later, marines have uncovered bones and skeletal fragments, enough to make an identification. >> i guess you could use the word bittersweet and certainly say, it's good there's closier because the family's been up and down all these years. >> reporter: the officials say that the information came last month according to the defense department, an iraqi citizen stepped up. he knew of a crash and says that the pilot was buried in the desert. he was married and had two young children. >> for the children to know and not have to continue to wonder is their father alive, that's the
the damage that many of you are still cleaning up this morning. megan gillan joins us now with the late east. >> good morning megan. >> good morning patrice. seems everyone got wet yesterday but not everyone is dealing with this today. take a look at what folks in cecil county are waking up to this morning. the clean up started late laugh night after the storm ripped through this neighborhood still has down power lines and broken branchesz covering the streets there. trees were uprooted and thrown around leaving some homeless. this owner says the owner in this place is in their 70's and were forced to move into i a hotel for a while. major structural damage. the tree limbs went through the house. all the roof rafters and shingles, neferg there is wiped out. it will be condemned. >> all morning long we've been getting photos from you in the storm damage in your neighborhoods. take a look at some that scott elton took. see what the strong winds were able to do. we o got pictures in from john and ellen gillan. they captured pictures from the bay. severe weather and they have a lot to clean you.
to be charged for the track assuming the girls didn't want to give us any lip. we'd never had that before. no, will not go -- do it. oh, man i'm going to get charged for this track. tavis: that's the berry gordy way. >> that's the berry gordy way. i said oh, my lord, who can i put this -- oh, looked a at the bottom of the roster. they need a hit and they aren't going to daresay no. they said what is this? this is horrible. you're always giving us the throwaway songs that nobody else wants. i assumed that the mavel -- marvel dms ettes had talked to them. that's what we did. got to talking to diane and the girls. so we got in the studio and they recorded and they were so perturbed -- i'll put it a nice way -- and while she was singing the song ♪ baby baby ♪ and it was in the wrong key. it was in the key of gladdy -- gladys. but her voice took on a whole new thing. it became sull terrorist she was so mad and so disgusted with having to be forced to sing this song. but it put out such a feeling, a sexy feeling, a style. and she became a starlet that night. and that sound, everybody started ad
the border from iraq straight into an international incident. >>> finally found, the remains of the first u.s. casualty of the persian gulf war have been recovered in iraq. michael scott speicher's family waited 18 years. >>> and extreme caution. amid signs of economic recovery. but the obama administration isn't saying the tax hikes are but the obama administration isn't saying the tax hikes are off the table. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm andrea canning filling in for jeremy hubbard. there are intense diplomatic efforts to learn more about the fate of three americans being held in iran. >>> they were captured after hiking in a dangerous region on the border between iraq and iran. abc's sonia gallego is in london with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the families of the americans are still coming to terms with the news of their capture. and their arrest comes at a time of increased strain between iranian and the u.s. governments. the three, shane bauer from minnesota, a freelance journalist based in
money to keep the cash for clunkers program going beyond the week. jonathan karl joins us, i know they approved $2 billion more for the program. what's the senate going to do? >> reporter: no guarantee they'll do the same thing. there are hurdles to passing that bill. a big one cleared a short while ago when senator dianne feinstein who opposed the program because she didn't think fuel efficiency standards were high enough. said she favors it. points out offer average the cars people bought got nine miles per gallon better mileage than the clunkers she traded in. with her support makes it more likely she'll pass on the senate. >> of course they have the vote fs it came up to pass it. i gather conservatives are opposed to this. why? >> they are adamantly opposed. in fact you see the overwhelming majority of republicans oppose this program. because it's mismanaged. look at chaos created at dealerships around the country. they say yeah, it's popular. dropping dollar bills out of airplanes is also popular. that said, charlie in my conversations with republican senators today, i get th
. they are like family to us. >> elsewhere, some jobs, they were just too big for neighbors to hand. >> it looks like they came down here and that they have all these trees. >> the professional tree crews, taking the damage for the golf course. >> well, there's a lot of tree damage. it looks like they will have a clear lot instead of water right now. it looks like they won't survive and they will have to come down. >> despite the damage around them, they kept on playing. but the people, clearing trees, estimated that they will be out at it for at least a week. the roofers and carpenters have not started yet. >> back live now, you're looking at one of the big old maple trees back here. it is still laying up against the utility wires here. the tree completely uprooted. that's one of perhaps thousands of trees, the total numbers of trees down, and the total cost of all of this, it is still not added up yet. reporting live, in the county out there, nine news now and >> all right, scott, thank you for that. tony is in for copper and he's on the terrace for your forecast first on monday. >>
what i need. tom showed me how to use mifi to get my whole team working online, on location. i was like, "woah". woah ! only verizon wireless has small business specialists in every store to help you do business better. you're like my secret ingredient. come in today and connect up to five devices on one 3g connection. now only $99.99 shepard: we have been delegate but a number of internet scams involving web sight craigslist. there is another one and it's a doocy. a mother in massachusetts found a photo of her own 7 month old child on an ad on craigslist announcing her child was up for adoption. she responded to the ad and told the child in the picture was living in the orphanage in camarooon. turns out they were stealing the pictures. this was from her family's blog. >> i know he wasn't being physically harmed and know that no one was going to come to our door and try to take him. but i felt like his likeness was being violated. shepard: she alerted the fbi and the attorney general's office. the scammer's email addresses have been removed from craigslist. newly released surveillance v
, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. intel. the national science foundation. supporting education and research across all fields of science and engineering. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: iran's rulers faced down new evidence of discontent today, as a mass trial of opposition figures got under way. the accused were arrested in the aftermath of june's disputed presidential election. the declared winner of that vote, president mahmoud ahmadinejad, was formally endorsed today by iran's supreme leader. margaret warner has our lead story. >> warner: the trial of 100 people accused of post-election violence began on saturday in tehran. but today, the wife of one, former vice president mohammad abtahi, charged his televised+ confession had been coerced. abtahi alleged opposition leaders conspired to misrepresent the
invention. we have not used that word before. what is the role of the federal government before, during, and after these events? is additional authority needed to address response and recovery from these events? we cannot sit by and merely hope that out size to disasters such as hurricane katrina and 9/11 will never occur again. our obligation to the public requires investigation by the subcommittee to prepare us for the possibility of these contingencies. hese contingencies. wrecking katrina make landfall august 29th 2005 and prove to be the most costly natural disaster in american history. on congress and particularly the subcommittee have spent the nearly four years since katrina looking at the action of the federal current as well as state and local governments, voluntary agencies as citizens themselves from response to recovery. which continues to this day. on the golf course -- on the gulf coast. today's hearing focuses on next that the. of what it did we learn from hurricane katrina as well as other disasters in the united states and the air around the world practice concerning w
will help us be signed into the future and you can't just tax the rich to get out of this, or raise taxes on the rich or return taxes on the rich and two top money men are not getting that out. >> >> we are not there yet. >> no. >> appreciate it so much. let's turn to the auto industry. when is the last time that you heard this? that an auto company actually saw sales increase. let's go ahead. susan lisovicz, this is a big deal. >> when is the last time we heard something from the big three where sales actually increased? about two years since the financial crisis began. so ford is telling us, giving us a preview, telling cnn radio that, yeah, july saw its sales increase. cash for clunkers played the part but they saw conditions start to improve in june. remember, cash for clunkers only kicked in in the final week of the month. what dealers are telling ford is the fact of a rising tide flips all boats, and we are hearing that we are seeing customers buying all sorts of cars now, and that, of course, why is that a big deal? cars are a big-ticket item and consumer spending is key in terms o
. on the surface, looking at it from here in the u.s., it appears to be an innocent mistake. but seen through the lens of worldpolitics, the arrest of three young american hike hoarse apparently strayed into iran from northern iraq takes on a much more dangerous dimension. we have new information on this story we first told you about last night. some of it coming from a high-ranking administration source. but there are lots of serious questions that remain unanswered. for starters, where are the americans now? how is the iranian government treating them? what's the u.s. government doing to bring them home? in a moment we'll have the first reaction to this story from inside the white house. but first we want to tell you more about these hikers and who they are and why, as american civilians, they were even in the area to begin with. our national correspondent, susan candiotti, joins us now with the very latest on this. what you know, susan? >> reporter: there are so many questions. kurdish officials have identified the three americans being detained as joshua fat tall, as well as shane mower a
the taliban cannot militarily defeat us. we, though, can defeat ourselves. in other words, the military suggesting this is going to be a var long haul with no guarantees -- very long haul with no guarantees of success. >> i think we will have success, but i fully agree that we have to stay committed in afghanistan as long as it takes to prevail. >> an entire town in china is in quarantine. a second person has died there from mnemonic plague. the town has a population of 10,000. apart from the two dead, another 10 people are infected. the world health organization's office in beijing says it does feel chinese authorities are taking appropriate measures. in japan, the first jury trial for more than 60 years is underway as part of an overhaul of the legal system. six locals have been selected at random to work with three judges at a murder trial, to make justice more transparent and bring it closer to the public. 100,000 peel have lined the streets of manila to watch the funeral of a leader there. she led a popular uprising against the regime of marcos and became asia's first woman preside
. john joins us with the latest on this bizarre story. john? >>reporter: police say the suspect was shot and wounded was on the floor of a convenience store for about half hour before officers discovered he was still alive. happened early saturday morning on garrison boulevard in northwest baltimore. police say 51-year-old michael quarrel had broken into the store he was, he was shot in the head after he lunged at an officer with a screw driver. the officer thought he was wield ago knife. he was declared dead at the scene by paramedic but police later called for them to return when they noticed the man on the floor was moving. >> how can you come and check a guy and then you say he's dead and then you leave then come to find out he's alive? >> this is a very, very serious matter for us and it's our hope that within the next few days we'll have all the information that we need. >>reporter: michael quarrel is listed in critical condition at sinai hospital. the paramedic who initially declared the man dead has been placed on administrative duties until this investigation is compl
-nominated song glad you've joined us for a about the u.s. auto industry and edie falco, coming up right now. >> there are so many things wal-mart is looking forward to helping us doing, like helping you live better. with your help the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance, working to improve financial lite literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: pleased to welcome lamont dozier to this program, the legendary singer, songwriter and producer, teamed up with two brothers to form one of the most successful and prolific song writing trios in history. holland-dozier-holland is responsible for 30 hits and were reunited in 1990. they got together for the version of the movie "the first wives club." here now, a small sample of lamont dozier's iconic work. ♪ stop in the name of love before you break my heart stop in the name of love before you break my heart think it over >>
bit of effect out there this morning including some warm temperatures. we're glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour in for gvir dhindsa. >>> storm clean-up is under way in some parts of maryland after tornadoes touched down on friday. two touched down in frederick county, one in carroll county. you see pictures of just some of the damage up there. >> 72 degrees out there in the #:00 hour. >> a little bit of haze we saw in the live shot. -- 72 degrees out there in e 6:00 hour. >> we'll see improvement in the situation as we knock down some ofvehamso e dweoclveud hasome clouds but much. most of thecloud cover is lwel to our souh eld aneast across southern maryland and portions ofd southeastern virginia and, of course, out to sea as well. but for us, things look good in our region. airports, current temperatures, 72 degrees in washington. 71 at both dulles and bwi marshall. the forecast for today, becoming mostly sunny after some morning haze and some morning fog. gradually mostly sunny day, a warm day. not quite as humid as it was yesterday. we'll look if
the first days. the u.s. house of representatives quickly approved another 2 billion on friday. but dealers must wait for the senate to give it up. >> i wouldn't have confidence, we wouldn't do it if we didn't think it would go through. >> reporter: but fitzgerald is still being careful, even though she signed on the dotted line. she will wait until the vote goes through before selling her old car. in gaithersburg, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >>> and more proof of the program taking off, they put them over the top for july, giving the automakers the first increase in years. the senate is set to vote on the cash for clunkers bill on wednesday. >>> and now to the destruction left behind after three tornadoes touched down in maryland friday. one hard-hit area here, frederick county. after two days of cleaning up there is still lots of work to be done. most people spent a third day cleaning up after the storms. the violent winds snapped the old trees, leveled a barn, crushed three out of four chimneys in just one home. >> i think i've been in a state of shock the last couple of days of the it i
one of us. the senate still has this week to go before it breaks for august. for the lawmakers going back home, they are getting an earful from the public. shannon bream is on the hill for us. what kind of reaction has there been among voters? >> it has not been all positive. last week, we saw that a senator from maryland got an earful from a town hall meeting. both republicans and democrats have talked about this august recess being positive. we know the democrats wanted to get a bill done before the recess. it happened again this weekend. kathleen sebelius and senator arlen specter went home. it wanted to talk to people. what they heard was not a positive bunch of feedback. here's what they got. >> i look at this health-care plan and i see nothing that is about health or about care. what i see is a bureaucratic nightmare, senator. medicaid is broke. medicare is broke. social security is broke. you want us to believe that a government that cannot even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run 1/7 of the u.s. economy? >> that is a reaction we are seeing. these town halls are sc
to search for this young 8-year-old. >> robert's family tells us, that like any other 8-year-old boy he's inquisitive and he likes to explore. sometimes he likes to check out hiding places. so, please, check the areas around your houses. check your garages, your sheds, your abandoned cars, any place a little boy may go. >> if somebody has seen him, please, please, call the police. all we want is our little boy back. >> all we want to do is bring robert home. if you know anything, if you've seen anything, contact the police department and help us find robert. >> i'm jane velev-mitchell in for nancy grace tonight. >> this is what he said in his will pep wants his mother to serve as guardian of these children. >> the children will be fine. they're with my mother right now and my kids. and anybody that try to contest this on any level, the executors, anything, they're not living out michael's wishes. >> you want to look at what's in your best interest. they obviously have a relationship with katherine, they have cousins, aunts and uncles. any of that will be taken into consideration. >> whe
by a shark. the rescuer joining us live. our slogan this hour comes from ray in north carolina. ray says, forget the rest. when it comes to news, "fox & friends" is simply the best. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: good morning, everyone. we hope had you great weekend. brian is taking a little time off and peter johnson jr. is sitting in his seat. good to have you with us. peter: nice to be here. gretchen: maybe you checked out the news over the weekend. maybe you paid attention to this one. taxes are coming to everyone's way now? could it be true? after obama pledged that everyone who made under $250,000 would not feel the tax hike. timothy geithner on the talk show says middle class, you may be hit. >> the president has said the taxes won't go up for any americans earning under $250,000. doesn't appear is he going to be able to keep that promise to bring the deficits counsel down. >> we can't make those judgments what it's going to take and how it's going to be there. what it's going to take no on
into an international powder keg. on the surface looking at it from here in the u.s., it appears to be an innocent mistake, but seen through the lens of world politics, the arrest of three young american hikers who apparently strayed into iran from northern iraq takes on a much more dangerous dimension. we have new information on this story we first told you about last night. some of it coming from a high-ranking administration source there. are lots of serious questions that remain unanswered. for starters, where are the americans now? how is the iranian government treating them? and what's the u.s. government doing to bring them home? in a moment we'll have the first reaction to the story from inside the white house, but first we want to tell you more about these hikers and who they are and why as american civilians they were even in the area to begin with. our national correspondent susan candiotti joins us with the latest. what do you know, susan? >> there are so many questions here. kurdish officials have identified the three americans being detained as joshua fattal, seen on his facebook pag
>>>captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> i was shaking. i was scared to death. >> severe storms rip through parts of this region what it was like when the storm blew through. >>> it's been one week since both teens were shot at a cookout. see how the neighborhood has changed. >>> damaging storms move out of the region. i'll tell you if we have another chance for severe weather later this week in my forecast. >>> mason back in action for the ravens what brought him back to the purple and black. >>> hello. i'm jeff barns. jennifer is off tonight. >>> strong winds and drenching rain hit parts of the region. karen parks gives us a close look at the damage there. >>reporter: the cleanup began. after a storm ripped through the area this morning. >> it sounded like a big gust of wind. >>reporter: richard and niki were inside their home at the time. >> i opened up the front door and um, to look outside and i could see our tree bend way over. >>reporter: debris surrounds their home and their siding torn off. >> the roof shingles wer
has made a year. it used to be seven to 10% return in the stock market was a pretty good year. we've seen a 7 percent return in the month of july for the dow jones industrials average. >> and the s and p 500 up 9% since january, in the midst of second quarter earnings, recent days these earnings have been coming in a little bit more disappointing. but keep in mind we still have yet to hear from big retail companies, wal-mart, target, j.c. penny's, kohl's. that will have the market's attention. >> a couple of consumer type of issues, unemployment coming out on friday, auto sales coming up monday. it will include one full week of the cash for clunkers program. >> this week u.s. senators are expected to take up the controversial cash for clunkers program. they are likely to vote on whether to infuse billions of more class. last week the house of representatives overwhelmingly voted yes to putting in an extra two billion dollars to continue the cash for clunkers program. after just one week, car dealerships across the nation are reporting they told tens of thousands of new cars under
a choice in next year's senate primary because u.s. congressman joe sestak is bravely going to come out of the gate and make a very big statement tomorrow morning, a very big statement. that arlen specter is going to have a rival for the nomination of the party he just joined. that's in "the politics fix" tonight. >>> guess how to get into harvard? well, you could have your father arrest one of its professors. i'm serious. that's in the "hardball sideshow." >>> but first, u.s. congressman lloyd doggett of texas was shouted down at his own town hall meeting in austin, texas. austin is what i'm told apparently the most sophisticated political town in texas, sir. why the zaniness over the weekend at your town hall meeting? let's look at the pictures while you speak of what was going on there. >> what better slogan for the party of no, no way, never, than just say no? one of the reasons is many of these people were summoned in by the local republican and libertarian parties. they didn't even live in the neighborhood. they were there not just to be heard, but to ensure other people weren't h
captive. >> obviously we are concerned and we call on the iranian government to help us. shepard: plus, what were they doing there in the first place? captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: they are students and riders described as seasoned travelers there is a broad diplomatic push to bring them back home, we have learned their names now. sharon shroud student and journalist. joshua fatal another student all three said to be in their 20's. officials i said they entered iraq in turkey stayed in northern iraq for a couple of days and headed toward a resort area. that's where officials say the three americans went on a hike, got lost and wandered into american territory a fourth friend was supposed to be with them on that hike but stayed behind because he said he was sick. he says he got a call from the group just last week. they said they were in iran and surrounded by iranian troops. since then, only a few bits of information about what happened to the hikers. today, the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said the state department is going throu
it. >> get used to it. >> exactly. >> after yesterday's storm, dealing with some problem spots related to the storm. plus an accident coming in in the city. let's update you on that. along green spring at deer pen lane. that is at druid hill park. use extra caution there this morning. that accident just coming in to us. pass deania, bedford shut down -- pasadena, bedford road shut down at granada. delaware avenue shut down between howard and whitehall road, due to flooding. a lot of leftover problems from yesterday. a live view of traffic, howard county. 95 both north and southbound running smoothly in the area of 100. we're looking at a pretty nice ride on 97 so far just south of the beltway. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. our big story, having a lead foot in baltimore county could soon cost you. >> the county council will hear legislation later tonight on whether to approve speed cameras. police say they are ready for the additions. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti joins us live outside baltimore county police headquarters with more deta
everywhere and that's what's a lot of fun. so stick with us. [singing] >> (josh groban) hi this is josh groban. public television has been a great influence on my life ever since i was very young. and i ask you to show your support by calling the number on your screen. pbs is the really one of the only alternatives to regular network television to see of the arts in all their glory. as a young kid growing up i mean i was so inspired by you know if i couldn't make it to new york to see a trip on broadway, i could still check out sweeney todd and different concerts and south pacific and all these other things that were being captured so beautifully and opera and classical pieces. and grew to absolutely love antiques road show. i'm addicted to that show now. so you know, there's all sorts of programming that whether it's local programming for your city-- there are lots of great shows in la. we've got people like huell howser and things like that, which he's such a legend. and every city that i tour in i flip on their local pbs channel, there's a show for that city. i think it's such a wond
and national guard member to attend a public college. we are live with details for us. scott. >> well, this new g.i. bill isn't as sweeping as the one that was created during world war ii that essentially said a veteran can go to any college at any cost, but it much improved over what we have had in recent years. no longer will veterans have to pay up front for a lot of their college costs. the government will do that for them. since 9-11, life in the military has been full of sacrifices to say the least. today the white house found it fit to reward them. >> you pick the school, we'll pick up the bill. >> president obama announced the new post-9-11 g.i. bill to make sure those who served in combat will also make it to the classroom. >> we do this not just to meet our moral obligation to those who sacrificed greatly, we do it because these men and women must now be prepared to lead our nation. >> i was definitely excited about the new g.i. bill even when it was just an idea in congress. >> 25-year-old matthew halby who twice was deployed to iraq is one of the half million veterans expected to ta
bomb- making factories used by the sect. they started attacking police stations on sunday. there are reports that hundreds of people have been killed in the five days of violence. the nigerian government has been concentrating its action in borno state and the capital. that is the headquarters of the s.e.c.. there has also been unrest across other states in the north of the country. there is a long history of trouble in nigeria. last year, they attacked government property. they're growing levels of poverty, malnutrition, and resentment in the islamic north. nigeria it should be a rich country. it has huge reserves of oil in the delta. the wealth has not been dispersed around the country. it adds to the discontent that sparked the current violence. >> the leader of the group behind the violence in the north died while in police custody. police say he was killed by security forces in a shootout when he tried to escape. human-rights watched called the killing unlawful and concerning. >> it is the end of butyl -- brittle few days in nigeria. -- it has been a brutal few days i
to this location to search for this young 8-year-old. >> robert's family tells us like any other 8-year-old boy, he's inquisitive and likes to explore. sometimes he likes to check out hiding places. so, please, check the areas around your houses. check your garages and your sheds, your van and cars. any place that a little boy may go. >> if somebody's seen him, you know, please, please call the police. you know, all we want is our little boy back. >> all we want to do is bring robert home. please, if you know anything, seen anything, contact the police department and help us find robert. >>> good evening, i'm jane velez-mitchell in for nancy grace. tonight, breaking news in the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson. >> a source with knowledge of the agreement tells me katherine jackson will have custody of michael jackson's three children. this is how michael jackson apparently wanted it to go. this is what he said in his will. he wanted his mother to serve as guardian of the children. >> the children will be fine. they're with my mother right now and my kids. anyone who tries to contest
for being with us. everyone right now, the dialogue is about health care. what do you want to see with health care? where do you think we are at now? caller: guest: it is a mess right there is not any question about it that things need to be done. i think some of those things are very, very obvious. there is some need for reform in the insurance industry. we should be insuring pre- existing conditions. we should give small companies and associations the ability to pull together to expand the base of the coverage in terms of the number of people. and you would get better rates. there's not any doubt about that. we should be emphasizing the tort reform. that'll help. i am not sure that it is the answer to everything, but that will help in terms of needless expenses. we should be emphasizing wellness and prevention. if you really want to make a difference in a person's life, get on top of obesity issues when children are young. if we can emphasize that -- another thing we have to do in terms of health care reform, we often times here this 47 million it that are not insured, but about
. remember in the middle of last year suv used prices plunged dramatically as gas prices shot up. many people said, if i go in and trade this in for a smaller car, i'm not getting much. i'm better off just riding it out and figuring at some point in the future when i feel more comfortable with the economy how to get rid of this suv. now they have a chance with the government saying here is $4500 and the chance to get into a fuel efficient car, that's the impetus a lot of people are using to say i can make the monthly payments work. >> phil, thank you. >>> the goals of this program were to improve the environment, boost the economy and help consumers. here are my big questions on cash for clunkers. if it accomplishes those goals, why not fund it to a greater degree? on the other hand, why is the government responsible forgetting people new cars, and automakers an improved bottom line? i do think the government is responsible for improving the environment. so the question here, would $2 billion be better spent investing in alternative energy? i'm going to try to get some answers on those questi
the scenes with us with his assets to get this done. it has been a community push and we're proud. >> cindy, even though his remains have been found, there are still being unanswered questions. i think the biggest one for the speicher family is how did he die, did he die as a result of being shot down or was he captured, taken into custody and killed later. has the pentagon said anything to the family after examining the remains that might shed light on that? >> not directly. now we've heard from other sources that there is a discussion that he died in the crash. he didn't die in the crash. dead men don't eject. so captain speicher ejected from the plane, he was on the ground. the question is for how long. this area has been searched in 1995. it had been searched in 1996. we had searched it separately. we have to do our own investigation, we'll do it in cooperation with the navy, and then at that point we will have a final end to this story. >> and after 18 years, are plans in the works now for a proper burial for captain speicher? >> yes, sir. he will be given, of course, the proper milita
. >>> when you talk about the economy, cities and towns across the country, is the worst behind us? former chairman alan greenspan thinks it is. >> i'm pretty sure we've seen the bottom. if you look at weekly production figures from various industries, it's clear we've turned perhaps in the middle of last month, the middle of july. >> christine romans minding your business, do you believe it? >> maybe he's right. if he's right, is the obama administration in a tough position. jobs numbers showing people off the jobs, unemployment higher even next year. even if you've got all the smartest people in the room, by the way, that one in particular who didn't think the housing market would crash, even if the smartest in the room think the worst is behind us, still have what people are feeling on main street. it will be tough next year. great, a recovery may be coming. what's it going to feel like? it's still going to hurt. that's the political problem for the white house. >> larry summers spoke out over the weekend on cbs saying never good to rule things out meaning hiking taxes on the middle cla
for clunkers program gave u.s. automakers a much-needed jump start. i'm katie couric. also tonight, a scare in the air. >> i hit my head on the light above and it broke the light out and was showered in glass. >> couric: dozens are injured when a continental airlines flight from rio hits severe turbulence. doctors and researchers say we need to change our diets. kids need more vitamin "d" and everyone more fish oil. and a wounded warrior fights his toughest battle: getting help from the v.a. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. americans are buying cars again with some help from the federal government. detroit's big three today reported their sales number for july. ford posted the biggest improvement over june with show room sales up 27%. chrysler's were up 16%. general motors up 8%. and cynthia bowers tells us it was the government's cash for clunkers rebate program that drew many of the buyers into the show room. >> reporter: at his suburban chicago ford dealership, sales manager mario sosnowski is seeing somethin
by cbs >>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm ross palumbo in for michelle guillen. >>> this morning the swiss embassy in tehran is working to learn what it can about three american hikers being held by the iranian government. susan roberts is in washington with the details. >> reporter: the three american hikers were taken prisoner on friday. they'd been hiking in northern iraq, and apparently didn't realize they had crossed the border. their families now are obviously worried. >> my husband and i, our only concern is for the health and welfare of josh, shane, and sarah. >> reporter: joshua fattal, shane bower, and sarah had entered iran last week. they had entered in a area of the kurdish region of northern iraq. >> they entered into iran from iraq's kurdistan region. >> reporter: just before the three americans were captured, they contacted a friend, shon meckfessel, who stayed behind at the hotel. their last message, we are surrounded by armed men. irene meckfessel says her grandson is safe at the u.s. embassy. >> he had a cold, so he didn't go with them. he say
on communicators, and you can watch all of our programs online. thank you for being with us. >> you've been watching "the communicators," c-span's weekly discussion with the people influencing our digital future. if you missed any of this program on net neutrality, broadband and other issues, you can see a reair tonight at 8 eastern here on c-span2. >> an international convention focusing on mars was held over the weekend. we'll show you two sessions with remarks by nasa scientists. here's the first one that runs about an hour, 40 minutes. >> our first speaker today is dr. brent bos, he's a research physicist at the goddard space flight center. back in 1997 he joined, he started working on the path finder team. then in 2003 he started working on the mars phoenix project which he's going to talk about today. he's currently, though, at nasa goddard he's joined the james webb space telescope team and has an impressive lineup of accomplishments and achievements. he's also an accredited inventer and has 25 patents in the united states, so very impressive. so, brent, do you want to come up? dr. b
>>> this morning on "early today," mystery solved. the remains of a u.s. naval pilot shot down during the first gulf war are finally located. >>> out of catch. the obama administration puts the pressure on congress for more funding for its cash for clunker program. >>> and dynamite bust. efforts to implode a building in >>> and dynamite bust. efforts to implode a building in turkey go horribly wrong. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning, everyone. i'm dan kloeffler. >>> and today we begin with finding captain speicher. after nearly two decades of promising leads and crushing rumors, the u.s. military has identified the remains of the u.s. pilot listed as the first u.s. casualty of the persian gulf war. nbc's gina kim reports. >> reporter: his plane was shot down in iraq on january 17th, 1991. the very first night of the first gulf war. >> tre's been a single american aircraft lost. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years, neither his family nor the military knew what happened to navy pilot captain michael "scott" ut on sunday came bn o sunday came c
misdirected and they voted on the land use issue only and that is all. >> one of the commissioners said, in fact, they didn't feel the curriculum was something that was appropriate in a land use setting. for example, we don't evaluate the curriculum of other schools that come before the board, such as catholic schools and others. >> i think the public is very involvedded in this is quite upset and disappointed with the outcome and there will be great concerns raised as this develops. because it is not -- our heritage is not honored in that school. so that is a great concern. >> reporter: there were also concerns raised about traffic and the amount of cars coming in to the area if the school expanded but again the board decided that was not an issue and they voted on it in favor of it 6-4. very angry at the meeting. after the vote several stormed out of the room and had choice words to say about the supervisors. we will have more at 10:00. >> we saw this coming down the pike. we will look for you tonight at ten. >>> guantanamo bay detainees facing criminal trial in dc and virginia. it co
kurdistan region. swiss diplomats are trying to learn more about the arrests on behalf of the u.s. which has no direct diplomatic ties with iran. >>> the family of u.s. navy captain michael "scott" speicher wants to find out exactly how he died. the fighter pilot was hot down 18 years ago on the first day of the first iraq war and his remains were finally found last week by u.s. marines. the family wants to know if he was alive after he ejected from the plane. >>> a bomb killed at least ten people today in western afghanistan. the taliban has claimed responsibility and has said it was targeting the local police chief who was wounded. afghanistan has seen a surge in violence ahead of this month's presidential election. >>> in sudan, bloody clashes have left at least 160 people dead, most of them women and children. they were killed on sunday when heavily armed south sudan tribal fighters launched a raid on a rival ethnic group. >>> a five-hour pro ses woupd through the streets of manila today as the body of the former president corazon aquino was brought to the main cathedral. she died saturd
to the senate to approve $2 billion to continue funding the program. joining us now, transportation secretary, ray lahood, from the department of transportation. thank you very much, mr. secretary. first of all, we have some opposition from the republicans. let me play what senator jim demint had to say on fox news sunday. >> we're helping auto dealers while there are thousands of other small businesses that aren't getting the help. the role of the federal government is not to run the used car business. and it's clear, you can look at amtrak or the post office and now cash for clunkers. the federal government went bankrupt in one week in the used car business, and now they want to run our health care system. i just think this is a great example of the stupidity that's coming out of washington right now. >> now, senator demint is backed up, certainly, "usa today" and "the wall street journal," two editorials. "usa today" says it's a clunker of a program. as a way to improve mileage, the program has always been a farce. car buyers would qualify for a $3,500 of credit with trade-ins that net jus
monoxide. nearly a dozen more people became victims this morning. kate amara has details for us. >> officials believe the culprit this time is a faulty hot water heater, but residents here want to know tonight what will it take for the company to fix what is wrong. neighbors believe in man's carbon monoxide detector saved several lives this morning. he called 911 this morning. >> i heard my alarm going off. i got my family out. the fire department came. >> he, his wife, and their four children were among the residents rushed to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. >> next door is where a very frustrated woman lives, saying she returned home from the emergency room to find nothing had been fixed and the property management refusing to install a carbon monoxide detector in the meantime. >> we have no hot water, no heat, or air we can use. we just went to home depot to buy ourselves a detector. >> she is fed up and finding herself a lawyer. she can't believe the company's refusal despite recent carbon monoxide scares and the company's inability to solve the problem. >> he wo
bowers tells us it was the government's cash for clunkers rebate program that drew many of the buyers into the show room. >> reporter: at his suburban chicago ford dealership, sales manager mario sosnowski is seeing something he hasn't seen in a long time. >> this entire lot used to be full of new car inventory. that's what we have left. >> reporter: an empty lot and a jam-packed show room floor. >> starting from 8:00, 9:00 in the morning we're here until midnight because of the program, because of the excitement. >> reporter: he just did the most july business he's done in five years.Í >> i sold 17 cars. >> reporter: he says many buyers like the fact that ford did not take a government bailout but it is the cash for clunkers program that's the real driving force. >> we think cash for clunkers was worth about a million in annualized sales. >> reporter: 2009 could see $11.5 million vehicles sold, which sounds good in this economy, but the auto industry used to sell 16 million vehicles a year. g.m. had its first sales increase in ten months, but its numbers were still down 19% from las
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